July 13, 2003

Website launched on Mahmoud Kahil's birthday.

Kahil on BBC radio 4:
'There will be more censorship in the media because it is becoming a very dangerous world.'

Welcome to the tribute website of the late political cartoonist Mahmoud Kahil.

Mahmoud Kahil sadly passed away on the 11th of February 2003. Both he and his art are sorely missed, but his influence continues to grow through exhibitions, this website, and a book due to be published soon.

2003 was a year of political traumas, many of which Kahil would have dealt with in his unique way. We miss his points of view on all that followed his death - from the Iraq war to all the new world complications.

You can view exhibitions which were held in memory of Mahmoud Kahil's work in the books and exhibitions section. The main exhibits were the Big Grin in Nottingham and the Arab media summit in Dubai.

New tributes have been added in the tributes section along with new links to relevant sites.

Kindly note that the website is in constant improvement, more information and features are to be added shortly. We welcome your feedback.

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Nazmi Kahil & Dana Kahil Trometer

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